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Tel. +49(0)711 / 35 79 000 · KHM@cabrio.de

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In former years there were known 2 categories of convertible tops. The expensive ones, individually tailored, by the trimmers in a solid quality in workmanship and material and the low budget / low quality ready sewn ones, mostly from USA and Italy.

So the ready sewn top did not have a very good reputation and there had been a lot to improve. Since we started in 1977 in this business, we concentrated in combining the price effort of the ready sewn top with the quality of the individually tailored top. During the years we developed not only precise patterns for nearly all convertible models, we also consequently refined these by daily installations in our own trim shop to a perfect fit. Also we tried to eliminate all possibilities to make any mistakes in cutting, sewing and finishing our tops. In 1986 we firstly cutted tops with computerized devices with tolerances of less than 1/10 millimeters. Since then we optimized these processes and introduced it in our production.

To ensure a continuous quality we are additionally certified according DIN EN ISO 9001.

Zertifikat DIN EN ISO 9001 2022So you can expect from our products a quality standard, which can be compared with the factory made tops and sometimes it is even impoved in several details. But if there should be any reason for a complaint, please do not hesitate to let us know, because we know very well that we need contact and feedback from our customers for any further improvements of our products, if this should be necessary.

One of our main business structures is a solid and faithful relationship to our customers.

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